zaterdag 12 december 2009

Work it babie

Me with Rex, the puppy flemish sheepsdog who was recovering very well. Isn't he cute with his plastic collar?
Hi guys,
O god , i've been neglecting my blog for such a long time. Hope you all are still alive, healthy and doing fine. School is demanding so much time right much work in the hospital. Now I'm working on my 'masterproef' (thesis), i have to write at least 15 pages and I only have 4 right now YAY goodiee :'(. To be a student of 3rd masteryear veterinary school means to get invited almost every week to special evenings hosted by huge pharmaceutical/food companies (Janssens ph, Bayer, hill's, vetoquinol, Eukanuba, RC,...) where we all get free diner and drinks, gadgets, books, hats, pens, hoodies, ...SO COOL. We all got a Ghent University hoodie for free (on the back the text: 'vets for pets, small animal pets 2009-2010') and now every one wears the same outfit every day :p.
Anyways besides school, I desperately need to get my weekly fashion dose or I freakin die :p. As I don't have the time to go shopping (I did go to the Sonia Rykiel for H&M madness though) I keep reading my favourite fashion blogs, magazines, photographers,...There are some really cool new things out there. And I also miss the blogging so much. So here I am again. Never leaving my blog :p.
Wednesday it'll probably start snowing! Love it :) I will go for a long walk with my doggie. Now I'm gonna write my christmas cards, byeeeeeeeee , till next messageThis is what I bought: stripes top & knickers, a present for *someone* and black panties with rhinestones. I love the material. I first wanted the silk pink little bodysuit but they didn't have it :'(.

This girls vintage outfit is so cute, love it!

And to finish another cool video by nastygal

4 opmerkingen:

sue zei

lang geleden, goed dat alles ok met je is. en aan t werk, valt het mee?

Sabine zei

Ah, fijn om weer een blogje van je te lezen. Ik was bang dat je gestopt was.

Succes met je studie.


The Seeker zei

Hello, my dear, glad to hear about you.

Oh that puppy is sooooooo cute. Reminds me my beloved female doberman when she cut the ears. So many years ago, she died about 8 years ago and I still miss her sometimes.

Take care, dear, all the best.


Imelda zei

Oh leuk om te zien dat je terug bent! Zal wel zijn dat je het enorm druk hebt met die schattige diertjes! Maar ben toch blij dat je weer tijd gevonden hebt om te bloggen!
Ik heb 2 kleedjes van de Sonia Rykiel collectie gekocht, maar ben er wel speciaal voor naar Brussel gegaan, want hier in Leuven hadden ze ook niet veel...
Ik ben vooral fan van dat meisje haar schoenen, die wil ik zelf ook wel hebben!
Veel succes met het schrijven van je thesis!