zondag 25 juli 2010

Hello from Norway

Hello my peeties!!
You havent heard from me for a while, sorry for that. We're in Norway now, we've travelled through Denmark and Sweden. Sweden is definitely my favourite country. I love everything about it: the beautiful and friendly people, the nature, STOCKHOLM and the swedish spirit. My visit of Stockholm was just phenomenal. I'll make a little city guide with shopping/restaurant details later. Now we're in a whole different country. We didn't see any Norwegians yet, just tourists, which is really strange. And it's so expensive over here!!!!! Luckely the landscape makes it all worth. Can't describe it, you must see it by yourself. Tomorrow we are heading to Sognefjord, which is the biggest fjord of Norway. Afterwards we're heading to Bergen and then we're turning back home but not without visiting Oslo, Götenborg and Copenhagen first! Hope you guys are doing great too! I'll have to go, have to take care of my bf now who has hurted himself by kicking his leg against a rock, haha, stupid :p. Bye!!!!

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maandag 12 juli 2010


Hi you all! Tonight I'm leaving. So excited! I'm gonna try to check the blog and maybe to do a post while I'm travelling (if I find an internetcaffee). Take care and hear you soon!

I'm happy to announce that the winner of my give-away is number six which is: TESS congrats girl!!
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zondag 11 juli 2010


Bustier dress: Zara (from my sister), Leather sandals: Essentiel Antwerp, Necklace: H&M

The weather is so fucking HOT here in Belgium and we are so not used to it :p. It's difficult to dress up in such high temperature, you just grab your short shorts, a simple top and your slippers. But this dress is quite light and easy too. Add an exotic necklace to spice it up.
Today I'm going on a daytrip to Antwerp with my parents & their friends. To visit the Muka museum and in the evening we have diner at the Italian restaurant where my sister is working. No shopping this time! It's TO HOT! Well, I'm gonna leave now, have a nice sunday peeties! X

PS: o yeah, I don't have the job, they selected 4 out of 14 people and then 1 out of the 4. I'll keep on searching ;). After my road trip! :)

Last chance to enter my give-away!
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vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Road Trip to Scandinavia

Hi darlins,
Next tuesday me & my bf are leaving for a road trip to Scandinavia. I love our road trips!!! This one will be for 3 weeks or more. We'll be visiting Denmark (big stop: Copenhagen), then Sweden (big stops: Malmö, Götenborg, Stockholm), then Norway (Oslo, Bergen) and then back to Belgium. We are sleeping in our car (my boyfriend rebuilt the back of our Citroën Berlingo to a multifunctional storage place to a sleeping place for the night. :p genious). We will stay at campings or in the wide nature. I'm soooooo lookin forward to it!

But I have a question for U , dear reader! Please give me all your good shopping/restaurant/musea/must see places adresses & tips for Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen!!! SHOOT!!!

This is my bf's construction for the car: we sleep on a wooden shelf (on our matresses ofcourse) and below we have lots of storage capacity. Our bikes and camping/scubadiving stuff we'll put on the shelf too.
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