zaterdag 3 juli 2010


i made it i made it i finally made it!!!
i did it  i did it i did it !!!!
I've got my BLUE CROSS!!!
finally after 7 long years!

I wanna thank every one of you for the support! And for believing in me. Special thank you to my mom, dad and boyfriend. Without you guys I would not have come so far. Special thank you to Tom, Belgian and International readers. And a final big thank you very much to my granny, sister, all my student-colleagues (thank you for the wonderful years together!) and friends and not to forget my own vet!!

*The end of my speech :p*

When I was in my first year, I never would have(dared to) guessed that I would graduate as a veterinarian some day! It was a dream.

When people ask me: would you start all over again if you turn back time? Would you do it again?
My answer is: No, never. So much sacrifices, too much tears, competing, failures and misery. Your family and dearests suffer with you. I've lost my soul several times, but I always succeeded to find it back and to stay true to myself.
I would probably now choose something else in the medical sector. 
But I AM really proud of what I've achieved.
My dream came true.
And I'm ready for my next challenge in life.
DR. Lafille (:D)

Below a few pictures of 2 fantastic days. The orca pictured on the screen during the official ceremony was a little methaphor meaning that we were scared little chickens at first and now strong orca's ready to explore the wide ocean...:p haha. I'm now the birdie pictured in my header! 
Second pic: me & my mom.
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*en nogmaals excuses voor het oeverloze blog-gezaag over examens, studie, klinieken, ...Das nu gedaan whoeh!*

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Anoniem zei

Hier ook nog eens felicitaties van mij. En je hebt helemaal niet gezaagd! Het was altijd fijn om alles te lezen. Pas je je profiel hier ook nog aan, Dr. Lafille? :p

Succes in de volgende levensperiode die nu aanbreekt, maar geniet eerst nog van een welverdiende vakantie!


SophieSweetVintage zei

Whohoooo!!! Gefeliciteerd!!!!

Big Daddy zei

Congrats girl!!! I just graduated too, doesn't it feel so good?
Congrats again, 7 years in a long time to get through.

Krimly zei

ohhh congrats girl!! it must have been one of the best days of your life!! I also feel I would haven't chose an Engineering again... to much sacrifices. But I wish I finish my studies next year in Gent...

have you received the sandals? Maybe I should write to the sponsor again!! :P

sueper zei

je bent één en al smile op de foto's - supergoed gedaan (hoewel ik er van overtuigd was dat het je zou lukken!)

Stiene Saenen zei

Proficiat!! :D xx

Fashion Queen zei


Couture zei


Sara zei


Berlin zei

7 years is long!
Congrats to you =)

Hot chocolate,


Gefeliciteerd!!! Leuke foto's

my name is Chloé zei


Imelda zei

Proficiat! Echt geweldig gewoon!
Geniet maar van je titel :)


Maxie zei


ils zei

Ik blijf lezen!

Feline zei

Proficiat meid! Je hebt dat goed gedaan! Vanaf nu kom ik met onze Milo naar u als er iets aan scheelt he ;) Geniet ervan, je bent er vanaf. xxx

Tess zei

Een dikke dikke dikkkke proficiat!!