donderdag 29 april 2010

Today's Inspiration

Jep het kitchgehalte is weer groot vandaag! Yaay, me likes.
En ik weet niet hoe het komt, maar die foto van Rihanna vind ik gewoon super. Zou ze iets zien eigenlijk door die bril?

woensdag 28 april 2010

Peem is doing 'Hop'

Wow, this is an old one :). Let me introduce you to my pumpkin Peem, if you didn't know him already. He is doing this silly tric, which I teached him, called 'Hop' (that's like 'Jump' in Dutch), but he hates doing the tric hahahah and he hates the cookie too. He's so weird :p. Don't mind my baby-voice, I'm always talking like that to my doggie. Come to think about it , I DO have a childish voice actually.  

Channeling Axel Rose

How to channel your inner Axl Rose
  • Long straight mostly messy hair: check
  • Bandana: check
  • Lots of denim: check
  • Short shorts: check
  • American flag overdose: check
  • Combatboots + white socks: check
Jaja Axl Rose is vr mij de énige man die wel witte sokken mag dragen.

dinsdag 27 april 2010

Masters Thesis

And this is how it usually goes...
That why I need an enormous cup of coffee like this one and euh like 6 times /day

And if that doesn't work I still have my Redbull energy shots and Rilatine meds
(nee dat laatste heb gebruik ik niet hoor, denk dat ik de muren zou oplopen....)

maandag 26 april 2010

►Best Vintage◄

If you love some damn good vintage/second hand pieces, you should definitely check out this website. The most gorgeous couture vintage dresses and jewelry! Here is my selection:

Collage 1: Black lace vintage dress, vintage Bottega Veneta bag, butterfly clutch, vintage Kenneth Jay Lane cuff
Collage 2: 1960's Donald Brooks dress, vintage turquoise necklace
Collage 3: vintage white pearl earrings, Yves Saint Laurent charm necklace, Lanvin ivory pendant necklace, vintage Chanel earrings
Collage 4: vintage flower dress, Maison Martin Margiela shirt, 1980's Oscar De La Renta black one shoulder dress, vintage Pierre Cardin red coat
Picture 5: YSL necklace 

These are one by one investment pieces that never really age. Like the oscar de la renta dress from 1980 or the colorful open back and front dress from 1960! Stunning.

Ghent Sunset

Yesterdays sunset @ watersportbaan Ghent

Yesterday was kind of relieving. I needed that.
Back to work now... 

zondag 25 april 2010

C'est belle, la vie

These photo's are insane!
I have a matching even more insane song. The original version is more than 18 minutes! Just sit back and relax....

(er zijn zo maar een paar van die zalig lange opbouwende nummertjes -met opt eind een climax- die zelfs nog niet lang genoeg blijven duren. Zoals Angel van Massive Attack bv. Dit is er ook zo eentje: Lights van Archive.)


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hi hunnies! I'm so sorry for the lack of blogposts. I'm so busy with school right now...cause the most difficult time of the year will start soon! Final Exams...yes. And if I pass, then I'll finally be graduated. I hope my wish comes true.

Anyway, not much to say really. Nothing fashion-related. Except for the fact that I urgently need to reorganise and clean out my closet. It's a real dump, or is it getting to small? Maybe I'll have to sell some clothes.
My sister purchased 2 new pieces at stocksales in Antwerp. A denim shirt and black booties from Sessun. I'll show a picture later, I hope she let me borrow them once in a while ;).

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful sunny weekend. I know I did :)...between my breaks from work. Tonight me and my bf are going to watch the sunset. Wrapped in a blanket, drinking beer and having long talks.

woensdag 21 april 2010


Tallulah Morton
Always loved this combo...White lace + Delfts blue (Delfts Blauw. Still on the hunt for the perfect white lace blouse.

It's so hectic these days for me. Tomorrow I have an exam pathology + work @ the clinic (anesthesia). I hope I can read your blogs soon. Maybe this weekend. Wish me luck for tomorrow

maandag 19 april 2010

Peetie's blog

Yes Yes! My peetie Tom finally has his new blog! I proposed to do the layout and header design. And I definitely wanted to do an all black one this time :D! If he's sick of it, he can simply switch all the white into black and all the black into white. Above you can see several header samples. On Tom's demand, I adjusted a few things and here is the final result:
It's a Dutch blog, so sorry for my international readers. Dutch readers: Go check it out!!! 

zondag 18 april 2010

Flea Market ☼

What a nice & sunny weekend! Everybody looks so much more happy these days! Yesterday my sister came home!! That means lots of giggling and funny conversations. She's so sweet lately. Actually she's the best. And my ideal shoppartner in crime. We decided to make a quick stop at our local secondhand store where I bought this floral beauty. Nice skirt with a liberty print, I think I once spotted a similar one at Urban Outfitters. I also bought a blouse which I'll show you later.

I have this strange habbit to immediately match a new piece with the other pieces in my closet :p
Stunning green Marni heels and magenta Balenciaga bag at Patricia vintage (best second hand store Ghent, but more about that later in my city visit guide)
My yummy cocktail ('Lotus': Apple Sour + cranberryjuice + lemonjuice + fresh pieces Granny Smith) + my man's Duvel
This morning we wake up quite early, the sun was shining in my eyes but I didn't mind! Flea Market time! The coolest thing to spend your sundaymorning. There was a little fleamarket a few blocks from our appartment and a friend of mine was selling all her stuff. Weird picture:
A bunch of crap
Lots of Barbie stuff
My friend selling her stuff, a pitty I couldn't join & earn some money too :p Masters thesis is waiting...
My friend promised that I could have her Russian Doll for 3 euros. Score! :D
Ok back to work now...I'm already soooo hungry. My sister is making lasagna woehoe. Enjoy your sunday hunnies!