zondag 11 april 2010

Can't get you out of my mind

As you all know, I went completely bananas when I saw the new Miu Miu collection!!  As a matter of fact, I think half of the female population went completely bananas over this collection. The flower, kitty and swallow shoes are my favorites. The problem here is that the shoes are rare (not all shoes went in production) and they are fucking waaaaayyy too expensive. I can't afford them. And then there are those crafty, genious girls among us who simply create their own Miu Miu shoes. Great job!

4 opmerkingen:

Couture zei

Echt wel tof als je dat zelf kan maken!

jessica danielle. zei

I would die for these shoes!
And I was so shocked at how amazing her DIY of the shoes was, she did such a great job!


Erica Leigh zei

omg! these are BEAUTIFUL. WANT.
ughhh i wish i could afford these too. :P


sueper zei

gewoon perfect!!!