zondag 18 april 2010

Flea Market ☼

What a nice & sunny weekend! Everybody looks so much more happy these days! Yesterday my sister came home!! That means lots of giggling and funny conversations. She's so sweet lately. Actually she's the best. And my ideal shoppartner in crime. We decided to make a quick stop at our local secondhand store where I bought this floral beauty. Nice skirt with a liberty print, I think I once spotted a similar one at Urban Outfitters. I also bought a blouse which I'll show you later.

I have this strange habbit to immediately match a new piece with the other pieces in my closet :p
Stunning green Marni heels and magenta Balenciaga bag at Patricia vintage (best second hand store Ghent, but more about that later in my city visit guide)
My yummy cocktail ('Lotus': Apple Sour + cranberryjuice + lemonjuice + fresh pieces Granny Smith) + my man's Duvel
This morning we wake up quite early, the sun was shining in my eyes but I didn't mind! Flea Market time! The coolest thing to spend your sundaymorning. There was a little fleamarket a few blocks from our appartment and a friend of mine was selling all her stuff. Weird picture:
A bunch of crap
Lots of Barbie stuff
My friend selling her stuff, a pitty I couldn't join & earn some money too :p Masters thesis is waiting...
My friend promised that I could have her Russian Doll for 3 euros. Score! :D
Ok back to work now...I'm already soooo hungry. My sister is making lasagna woehoe. Enjoy your sunday hunnies!

11 opmerkingen:

Tom zei

'From our appartement'... So sweet :)

En je zus is gewoon heel blij om je te zien denk ik. En volkomen terecht ook haha :)

prettig weekend nog!


SophieSweetVintage zei

De beste manier om je zondag te besteden :D Hier was er ook een rommelmarkt en ik heb ook wat dingen gescoord, jeej. Happy sunday! En succes met de studie...

Eva zei

heerlijk om over rommelmarkten te lopen :)
geweldig rokje heb je gekocht !

sueper zei

ik ben in volle verwachting van de city-guide!!!

Phuong zei

ziet er gezellig en leuk uit

Erica Leigh zei

ohh how nice that your sister came to visit and you got to go shopping! i love the skirt you bought. :D that patricia vintage store looks like a place i'd like to shop at too.

your drinks look good! "lotus"? i've never heard of it, but i want to try to make one next time. sounds yummy.


Jamie zei

Dat rokje is 'adorable'!

Liesel zei

Leuk! Ik was daar ook :-) Heb je nog "schatten" gevonden? Je hebt precies een heel fijn weekend achter de rug, hopelijk heb je zo terug wat moed opgedaan om die laatste zware maanden van je studies af te ronden! Veel groetjes

Imelda zei

Leuke rok die je gekocht hebt en ook de combo die je al gemaakt hebt :)

Oh die winkel ken ik niet, nu dacht ik toch dat ik alle vintage shops in Gent kende :) Ben dus eens benieuwd naar je city-guide!


Samantha zei

That floral skirt is really cute!! =)

Ilse zei

ben gek op flea markets. jajaja. die combinatie foto is ook leuk! misschien dat ik binnenkort naar Gent ga met m'n boyf, nog tips? ;)