zondag 25 april 2010


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Hi hunnies! I'm so sorry for the lack of blogposts. I'm so busy with school right now...cause the most difficult time of the year will start soon! Final Exams...yes. And if I pass, then I'll finally be graduated. I hope my wish comes true.

Anyway, not much to say really. Nothing fashion-related. Except for the fact that I urgently need to reorganise and clean out my closet. It's a real dump, or is it getting to small? Maybe I'll have to sell some clothes.
My sister purchased 2 new pieces at stocksales in Antwerp. A denim shirt and black booties from Sessun. I'll show a picture later, I hope she let me borrow them once in a while ;).

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful sunny weekend. I know I did :)...between my breaks from work. Tonight me and my bf are going to watch the sunset. Wrapped in a blanket, drinking beer and having long talks.

4 opmerkingen:

Couture zei

Leuke kast heb je! Nee, geen spullen verkopen. Beter idee: grotere kast kopen ;-)

Tom zei

Geniet van de zonsondergang en alles wat erbij hoort. Het belooft trouwens een mooie te worden (al hangt de zon nu al bijna achter de huizen hier).


ALdO AKiRA zei

hoW caN u do tHAt?
iT's aWeSoMe!!


Lies zei

Ik wil ook zoveel kleren! :(