vrijdag 9 april 2010


Images from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, American native and Roman catholic religion.

These are some collages I made from the bunch of religious icons I saved in my archive. I am kind of obsessed with the colors. I have a concept in my mind to decorate an entire wall with Mexican Talavera crosses. Madness. I have to start collecting them!
So if you recognize these crosses and if you think you have one laying around on the attic from a previous trip to Mexico or received as a gift from your mexican aunt or whatever and you don't wanna keep it: email me at lafillebacksurleweb@hotmail.com!

Pff hoe duf en depri zijn de houten Belgische Jezuskruiskes wel nie :s

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Couture zei

Inderdaad wel mooie kleurencombinaties!

Erica Leigh zei

hi maxie!

thanks so much for visiting my blog. i really like yours too and would love to exchange links! would you prefer exchanging just the links, or do you have a banner? just let me know which one you prefer and i'll put it up and give you mine.

also, i really like this post. i'm not religious, but i like the images in an aesthetic sense. the colors are pretty amazing.

♥ erica

Jamie zei

Mooie kleuren!

Fashiable zei

mooie en vrolijke kleuren idd! en ik zal je volgen, want ik vind je blog nice haha.

Tom zei

damn, das kitscherig :D Ik zou het woord 'camp' zelfs in de mond durven nemen ;)


Julia zei

Beautiful collage. I love icons -- my mother paints them. Very lovely!


Maxie zei

@tom: haha ja tis overdreven kitscherig ! dermee dat ik er mij ook weer overdreven tot aangetrokken voel éh ajaaa


Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous post, darling!
The Mexican crosses are especially beautiful!


thesydneygirl zei

great collage! love the colours too! x