dinsdag 21 april 2009

Road hog

old outfitshot: H&M shorts, Only dress tucked in shorts, aviator sunglasses, H&M belt and vintage white linnen blazer

I have this white blazer for ages. Never wore it though. So I've decided: this baby deserves a second life this summer! It's slightly oversized, has cute pockets and buttons and has 'epaulletes' haha. So I guess it's very now, with all those givenchy and margiela oversized shoulders :p.

I just got back from school, i made a huge detour or how do you call it, i even had to take 1 min highway :s. I never drive on highways you know. I'm really not used to, i'm such a pussy :p. I only know 2 routes i take every day: to school and to my bf. When I have to take a different road, I panic and got all nervous in a slightly autistic way. Especially on highways :s. Especially when trucks are closing me in. Sigh, so not good at driving. I wonder how I ever managed to get my drivers licence...hmm

Ok, have to study now: surgical techniques..interesting. Bye!

7 opmerkingen:

The Seeker zei

Great blazer, love it, I'm glad you gave it a second chance ;)


Tom zei

Ik rij echt graag op de autostrade... Zo 110 per uur, echt leuk om 's morgens zo 'wakker' te worden. Kwartiertje snelweg naar het werk. :)

Overigens, mijn moeder (die niet zo'n slechte chauffeur is) is net zoals jij. Bang voor snelwegen, terwijl ik het net veel gemakkelijker is dan andere wegen vind ik. Beetje oefenen :)


Koen zei

Tis nen fake Rayban!

freeTEYme zei

you look so cute!

Maxie zei

jaat inderdaad anders zou ik er ray ban bijgeschreven hebben é :p

kheb net op ebay nen echten wayfarer gemist bleit

Anoniem zei

I love your turquoise ring with the white and denim!

Anoniem zei