zondag 16 mei 2010


Hi darlin's !!
Haha i know: another photo from my bed series. This time I'm playing Zorro. Still studying my ass off, nothing new here. I need stories from you! Stories from the world outside, what"s happening in the world? What's happening in your life? Please tell me!
I'm daydreaming a LOT recently...about the days, weeks after june 28 that are coming. When I'll finally be free. About spare time with everyone I love. About my upcoming road trip (so excited, i'll tell you more about it soon). About life without school (pretty scary). About what I'll become and which direction to take.
The only thing I DO know about my future is that I'll buy/adopt a puppy poodle. Havn't decided which color (black,white,abricot) yet. My avatar picture already predicted this, I should have known. My boyfriend isn't that happy with my decision but I know he secretly wants a poodle too hahah. Or at least a doggy. Luckily. But he's too much macho to admit it. NAH. hiih love you hunny.   
I'm glad most of you appreciated the Belgian song in my previous post! I'll let you hear 2 belgian other songs to brighten up your sunday. They are more commercial (esp the second one) but verrrry catchy! They're on my musiclist for this summer.  
First song is Daan - Icon. He's our Belgian Johnny Cash, or that's what he's called. Maybe you're already familiar with his songs Housewife and Swedish Designer Drugs.

And then the second song is from a young guy (my age!) from Brussels who scored a gigantic hit with this catchy song. If you like french rap/hiphop and a cool beat, then this will be addicting. It screams SUmmer & party. Stromae - Alors on danse.

Check out the videos too: 1)cowboy who dances with vacuum cleaner and 2)kid looking stoned all the time

O yeah another thing, a few days ago when I went shopping for birthday presents I came across this wellknown zara dress. I didn't buy it because i'm in my saving money period and I'm regretting that now! Hope they will make lots of miumiu inspired clothes :) still not tired of this one or this one yet.

Just read that Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist is coming to Belgium tomorrow. He wants to visit Brussels and is giving a booksigningsession in Maasmechelen Village outlet centre. To bad he isn't signing in Ghent :p, then I would be there. but Maasmechelen village??? I mean common, what a shithole! And it's 100 km from Brussels. And it's a boring shopping mall, not a village! Nothing exciting to see for him either, hopefully he gets the chance to visit Brussels or else I think his idea of Belgium will be a bit :s :s :s :p.
Have a nice sundayyy! 
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12 opmerkingen:

sueper zei

leuke foto - en inderdaad waarom maasmechelen village, vind dat ook niet zo fashionforward daar dus snap dat ook niet echt
studeer nog goed!

Anoniem zei

I think your boyfriend is to macho to walk outside with a poodle, maybe at night or something...

Greetz from Tiz zei

wat een mooie song!!Daan!Goed van je, sinds ik hier in Italie woon ben ik echt achter qua belgische zangers dus goed, zo hou je me op de hoogte!In mijn auto heb ik nog steeds de cd van Clouseau!!

Laura zei

NIce post and picture...


coolboy zei

yes these cartoons are mine,
thanks for lovely comment

your post is cool
nice bloge
i like your pics

Berlin zei

Hmm, I couldn't find any free downloads for the previous Belgian song you posted(it's so nice). I like this picture. Need a story? Let's see if my story is worth anything: I am 16 year old who quilted school at 15 because I was only into designing, now stays at home, dad is the teacher, always at home painting and drawing.

With donuts conquering earth,

Maasmechelen Village zei

Hoi La Fille,

Jammer dat je zo'n negatief beeld hebt van Maasmechelen Village. We zouden jouw feedback erg op prijs stellen. Wat is er wel goed? Wat kan er beter?

Indien je even een mailtje stuurt naar info@maasmechelenvillage.com met je gegevens, leggen we een VIP uitnodiging - die je 10% extra voordeel geeft in 9 boetieks naar keuze - voor je klaar (geldig tot en met 5 juni 2010)!

Hopelijk tot binnenkort!

Fairytalegirl zei

Hm; we mogen trots zijn op onze belgische muziek.
Veel succes met het leren!


kumar zei

lovely post looks amazing i like this stuff

have a great day

Tom zei

haha, die reactie van maasmechelen village is ├ęcht hi-la-risch :D Maar wel effectief... Misschien moet ik ook maar eens wat negatief doen over leuke, trendy nieuwbouwappartementen, of over een felrode Alfa Romeo Brera Ti met ingebouwde GPS. Of over een leuke, grappige, zelfstandige, knappe, schattige en hygi├źnisch uitmundend meisje :)

Denk niet dat het zal werken van mij :D



love the picture!
i'm studying loads too :(

Maxie zei

@everybody: thank you so much for your nice comments

@tom: ja haha kben eigenlijk wel geschrokken van de invloed van internet (alweer)! Allez jong, ge ziet hoe rap dat ook gelezen wordt, zou da via zoekrobots ofzo gaan?? ma bon, kvind het wel fair die kortingsbon :D ik kan dan nog es gaan checken en kijken of ik nog van dezelfde mening ben ;)