dinsdag 5 januari 2010

H&M the garden collection (March 2010)

Nice, dreamy new pieces @ H&M stores this spring. The good news is: prices are the usual h&m prices (from 9,95 euro - 39,95 euro) & all clothes are made of organic, recycled materials!

More information: http://www.hmthegardencollection.com/

I want that red dress, I want that red dress, I want that red dress

8 opmerkingen:

Ineke zei

Wow!! Now I definetely can't wait for spring to come!!

That looks a great collection!!


the secret of fashion zei

Oh thanks for these pics! I saw a few shots and I thought.. I had to see the rest of the collection. Great! xxxx

Tiffany S. zei

omg i want that red dress"

>> volledig mee akkoord!
die is super! :o

als je 'm ergens spot, let me know! :)

Maxie zei

OKEEJ jij ook hé ;) we moeten samen werken :p

Tiffany S. zei

oké, we zullen een speuractie opzetten :)

NANX zei

yep saw the red dress too on the site. Amazing!

kleine zei

Waw, weer leuke dinges waar ik totaal niet mee sta! *frustratie* ;)

Couture zei

Die crèmekleurige jurk is zo mooi!