donderdag 28 januari 2010

Into the Wild part 3


So here's Johnny.He's an Odontolabis dalmani dalmani. Probably the ordinary Thai beatle. Don't mind the open pants, i was changing clothes the moment I decided to take these pictures :p, my bad. For the people who were wondering when I did the horse-embryo & pigfoetus post. I don't remember also, probably still on my old blog. But maybe I'll show them again some day. I am aware of the fact that it's kind of an lugubrious and sinister 'hobby', but in the eyes of a 'scientist' really it isn't! It's the most wonderful thing on earth (and ofcourse I like them better when they're alive sillies!!) The embryo & foetus were already dead in their mothers womb, the mother died of a disease. Our professor allowed us to take the babies home in some plastic gloves (which was really funny actually, I remember me & my friends walking home all excited with gloves filled with embryo's, strange sight). Then when I came home, I immediately soaked them in formaldehyde. They are great souvenirs from the course 'Embryology'.
I had a tough day today at the clinic monitoring the patients who went in narcose. Now I still need to write a paper about anesthetics & stuff. I don't have the courage, i'm dead tired aarg. And my doggie urgently needs a walk!
Ok, i'll better start with it now.
Hear you later guys!!!

x La fille

4 opmerkingen:

Ineke zei

You look great on those pics!! I guess, you must be really passionated with animals to keep it up at this speed!!

Couture zei

Die bewegende foto is heel leuk, mooi topje trouwens!


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