maandag 16 augustus 2010

Perfect Boot

Silk top: Essentiel Antwerp, Skirt: souvenir from Corfu

Hi there!
Channeling my inner ballerina in this pic heheh :p. There was a time little fille took ballet classes. I loved my pink ballerina shoes. If I only could go back in time! :)
So! I know I'm far behind reading your blogs. S H A M E ON M E! But you know me...eventually I'm getting there!
What are YOU doing these days?? Summer vacation almost comes to its end :-(. I enjoyed my holidays in Scandinavia so much. But now the time has come to focus on getting a job. These days I'm practicing my surgery skills & consultations with my friend/vet to stay busy. I'm doing some job interviews also. 
I'm all alone at home right now. Me & my doggie. And I'm so not used to :p, but I kinda enjoy myself. My parents are visiting Berlin, my sister is in Antwerp as usual and my bf is working late hours. Ok, gonna walk Peem now. BYE have a nice evening
3 song I'm addicted to lately:
And a bit silly to end with but I've found my perfect autumn/winter shoe! (thanks to my sister who's an APC fan). Just look at it: Sober and elegant, the perfect shape and heel. To bad they are 'only' 420 euros YAY...

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7 opmerkingen:

Fashion Queen zei

Love your outfit and the boots:)

Kasia W. zei

beautiful pic;)

Tess zei

Kan eens deugd doen hè zo alleen thuis zijn. Geniet ervan! :-)

tom zei

haha, minifille op balletles. Hoe cute moet dat wel niet geweest zijn? :)


sueper zei

liedje van eliza doolittle is inderdaad héél leuk. ik ben al van begin augustus weer aan t werk, en ben aan t hopen op ne mooie nazomer!

burcu d. zei

YES, definitely perfect!

seascaped zei

your blog is wonderful, i plan to follow!. xx