zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Pink Poison

Coat: Dries Van Noten men - Panty: Hunkemöller - Boots: Ugg

I want a womans suit dress like this: strong shoulders, pinstripes, perfect shape & slits on the side. I found these (quite weird :p) pictures in the archive.  I remember a particular morning that I wanted to wear a men's suit instead of my bath robe. And to put pink feathers on my head. And to sing along with Alice Cooper and Axl Rose, running across the room like a madman. I have waaay to much imagination.
Tonight me & zoeti have dinner at our favorite restaurant Lotus Root. I AM LOOKIN FORWARD TO THIS HEAVENLY CULINARY EXPERIMENT. MMM...In the meantime my friend will entertain you:

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Couture zei

Prachtige blazer! Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Sunshine Award. Meer info: zie mijn blog.

ps: fijn weekend gewenst!

Erin zei

I love strong shoulders on a suit! I also have a big crush on huge shoulder pads but I won't say too much about your blog!

Love love love,



English Rose ♥ zei

Your blog is so wonderfullly creative =]

Merci beaucoup for the lovely comment darling, I love your blog too, would you like to exchange links?

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

chloe in the sky zei

great photos and great blog!
I am now following you! =)

Berlin zei

Hi there =D Thanks for visiting my blog, stop by on Monday or Tuesday for a new post. I am following you, hope you will too.


Tom zei

damn, die vest trekt op de mijne qua print, alleen is ze heel donkerblauw ipv zwart :) De mijne heeft alleen geen dubbele split vanachter. Enja, dat kleur van ondergoed heb ik ook niet, maar ik weet niet of ik daar zo rouwig om ben eerlijk gezegd :D


Imelda zei

leuke foto's! Ne keer zot doen mag al eens he!