zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Those Young Ones

Kirsten Dunst - Sarah Jessica Parker - Angelina Jolie

They all developed a personal style at very young age. My favorite here is Angelina :) so cool.

4 opmerkingen:

Tom zei

Kirsten: juij!

Angelina: huh? Er is precies wat aliens aan... Nooit echt een knappe gevonden overigens :)

Couture zei

Het vestje van SJP doet me aan een Versace vestje denken.


The Misunderstood zei

They look very fresh and not formated on these pictures cute! (don't know if that makes sence )

Dusk zei

Oh wow...I'm pretty sure I remember when SJP wore this! So OTT but I think she looks fab!!
Angelina must be around jailbait 14 here?? What a face...those eyes, those