zondag 27 juli 2008


Work from Yves Klein, pic taken by me @ Centre pompidou Paris


Today I spend the whole day outside in the nature. This morning my mom & I walked the dog and she showed me some magnificent places frm which I didn't even know they existed. In my hometown! So close! It was a beautiful big walk, I don't know how much km you can walk there but you can even walk to Kortrijk (langs de oevers van de Oude Leie, maisvelden, ...) without meeting any other living human being! AAAAh..i love places like that. The middle of nowhere. We came home in the early afternoon totally exhausted, my doggie even the most. Then I took my bike (or whats left of it) and drove to "The Place under the big Trees" (aka het plekje) where I meet my friends. Stayed there till now. Relaxing, swimming and playing a game. Tomorrow I will go to a store to see what's left on sale (it will be 70 % off or maybe more). Speeking of sales, I always love to read on blogs what people scored in sales so now its my turn. I didn't buy much because I had to save for all my trips :) but I did found some amazingly (cheap) stuff!! Besides my new perfume which I bought during my shoppingtrip to Brussels, I also bought

  1. a silk Yves Klein blue (thats how I always call this kind of colour blue) dress from WE Woman: 19 euros!! Can you believe it? It's silk! And its the most gorgeous fit (a little loose) & colour & the foldings at the bottom.
  2. a mustard yellow (colour not visible on pic) t-shirt from WE Woman: 8 euros . PS: Mustard yellow is a coulour you will see more & more in new collections!
  3. a black top with regular & halter straps from Avalanche (excellent fit) from Gruesemeyer: 17 euros
  4. and now the cheapest: a bright yellow sundress with butterfly pattern ton sur ton from Woman Secret: only 3 euros. It was so cheap because the zipper didn't work anymore. My mom immediately said: take it! We'll fix this, it's the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. Back at home, my mom fixed the zipper in 1 move (magical hands you know) and it was ok :).
  5. and thats it, good cause my closet is already exploding :s

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Summer Ghost zei

als ge lange Adidas zweetbandje in promo ziet (liefst witte, met een zwart embleem) kopen voor mij! I'll pay you back!

Eind deze week ist ook modeshow op mijn blog!

My god, ik ben zo verwijfd :(

Maxie zei

ma ge zijt gij ni verwijfd! vrouwelijk ja

but that is not a bad thing!

Imelda zei

Leuke aankopen, vooral het blauwe jurkje is geweldig!