vrijdag 7 november 2008

Autumn Fille

Hat: old one

Woolen scarf: Tommy Hilfiger

Trench Coat: Roberto Cavalli for H&M

Plastic Boots: Casa

Typical belgian weather today...rainy & dark. So much oxygen in the air!! Kinda like it. for once. If it don't last too long. (last pic you see a tiny tiny tiny white spot of my little doggy :p)

5 opmerkingen:

Big Daddy zei

oh i loveee your cat! os cut! Your scarf is also cute.

Fashion Fille zei

i LOOOOOOOVVE these pictures!

The Seeker zei

So pretty pictures, love them!!!


What a cute cat :)

Trits zei

I wil poes :-(
Superschattige botjes :-D

nv zei

i love that scarf of yours, looks veyr warm