vrijdag 28 november 2008

LOVE theme!!!

This blog is all about LOVE.
The world needs some love in these difficult times of financial crisis, cold weather, flu symtoms and bunches of schoolwork!
Enough cheesiness.
I'm back guys!!! You probably thought I quit the blogging don'tcha? dontcha?
Let's look at my blogname: la fille BACK sur le web
I'll always be back
Are you guys still alive? Where are you? :)
Kiss kiss

1) ladybirdshaveExtralongforeplays (picture by bf)

2) Lovepotato (picture by bf)

3) melovesparis,thecitynottheblonde

3 opmerkingen:

The Seeker zei

Like the song says... "All we need is LOVE"


Tom zei

i'm kinda dead

Stephanie. zei

Ben ik de enige die het een fantastisch woord vind, die cheesiness ?