zaterdag 22 november 2008


Today it snowed outside! Magnificent! Unfortunially the snow melted immediately when it touched the streets. Ofcourse me & Peem went for a winterwalk, the best part is coming home again & make yourself a cup of tea. My sister made a chocolate-banana cake for me (everybody knows I love the bananana). And St. Nicolas the holy saint sailed trough our garden in his colorful decorated boat. :p Like every year he waved to us, i just love the man :D. Such a cozy, beautiful day. Look at what my mom bought (pic) for our future Christmas-tree. It's a bowl with a miniature house and garden in the center. A little fairy-house. Ok, gotta go now, i wish you a wonderful weekend! Kiss

2 opmerkingen:

The Seeker zei

The Xmas garnment is so beautiful.
Have a great weekend.


Summer Ghost zei

Pfff, ik ga toch morgen met den trein naart werk ze.