donderdag 20 november 2008

Many shades of black

Dress: Only
Black cardigan: Esprit
Tights: ?
Red shoes: Zara
Red bracelet: ?
Purse: secondhand
Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well? Me too, busy @ school as usual. So strange to leave for school in the morning when it's still dark outside and return to home's already dark outside. So this is my outfit from a few days ago: the little white dress actually is a summer dress but i love to wear it any time: it gives me this bohemian feeling with its wooden beads and cris-cross back! Other newsflashes? eeh..not really. I finally made myself a facebook-account. I know i'm a wussie. My girlie Dorie kinda forced me into it, otherwise she would make an account herself using my name! That little dictator...but i still love her mwa mwa. I decided to keep myself as lowprofile as possible :p my only purpose is to spy on others. Quite interesting i must say. Also very positive is that i found back my 'lost' friend from primary school!!! isn't that nice. Happy! Guess facebook isn't that bad after all. The games & tagging are pretty shitty though. Ok, gotta go now, bye bye hear you soon

6 opmerkingen:

Linn zei

Een bijzonder geslaagde outfit!

Bella zei

I love how you've pulled this look together... beautiful!

sueper zei

Inderdaad daar is facebook echt super voor - long lost friends terugvinden!

Leuke schoenen!

dreamhandbags zei

i absolutely love this outfit.

Imelda zei

Je ziet er goed uit, heel mooie schoenen!

shrink zei

...and there's also '14 shades of grey', a great album by Staind :)